The Group

historyThroughout the years BikasGroup have had a strong presence, cooperated and had experience with a number of major worldwide suppliers. This in turn has contributed to the creation of a dynamic group of enterprises with a long-term strength and hold in 4 strategic areas: Meat Industry, General Commerce, Foodservice, Logistics.

The Meat Industry has been historically the main area of interest within the group. Moreover the other areas of interest mentioned above are also represented within this group. A decisive role is also held by the sector of general trade giving extra dynamics and advantages within this group.

Sabi Foodservice which holds the most completed  product range in Greece, supplies the food and beverage industry, not only with the best prices in the market but also with advice given by recognized chefs for innovative and profitable products and also with the set-up of the menu.

Bikas Logistic Services manages and supplies various products. They plan, materialize and check the efficient and effective flow and storage of these products. They also manage the services and related information from the products point of origin to the products point of consumption. By doing this they ensure maximum satisfaction of the co-operators of the supply channel that can be suppliers, intermediaries, service provider companies, Third Party Logistics (3PL), and customers.

Sabi  is the new concept of the group. With your visit to our premises it will become clear why we believe that we are leaders and innovators in this activity and the guarantees that will justify your choice will be obvious especially if you compare us with the other companies.