historyMore than 50 years have passed since Achilles Bikas drove his battered truck from Veria to Athens to deliver a load of 50 lambs and goats.

He heard that these products had a greater demand and higher price in Athens? market, so he cashed in his savings and borrowed the rest of the money he needed from friends to finance this commercial trip. He sold the goods for a profit of 200 drachmas, 180 of which he wired home to pay on his depts and buy another load of lambs.

Out of that trip sprung the foundations of a family company who would become an innovative pioneer in the food market area.

  • In 1971, Achilles Bikas sets up his first butcher?s shop at the old Municipal Market of Veria. Along with the retail sale, Achilles gets action in the wholesale market of Southern Greece. In 1979, he is getting elected Chairman of the Butchers? Society in Imathia region, and holds this position until his age-oriented-retirement.
  • Returning from his marketing & management studies in 1989, Achilles? and Katerina?s first born son, George, sets up ?Bikas? Meat Market? in a critical central spot in Veria, an avant-garde store selling meat, salami, poultry, dairy, and frozen retail products. In 1992, George becomes one of the establishing members of ? Edessa?s Industrial Slaughterhouse?, where he gets busy until today.
  • In 1994, the family business? memorandum renews as a new member is added. Christos, the second-born son, has just returned from the States after taking his Math and Computer Science Bachelor degree from UNH, Connecticut. In 1996, he forms and bodies ?Sabi?, a company that represents producers and transformers of food and non-food products, by selling and delivering their goods to retail markets through a well-organized group of merchandisers. In 2000 and 2002, he expands SaBi?s activities by introducing  new branches such a Sabi Foodservice.