Logistic Services

Distribution & Logistic services
one order...one delivery...one invoice!
logisticsWe are unique because we are specialised in every detail. The biggest variety of products allows you to find anything regarding your profession. Thus, you can collaborate with a single distributor in order to save both money and time.The store manager will be in contact with only one supplier so as to have more time to deal with your rest-equally vital-needs. A single and efficient delivery will solve the problem of having to deal with many part-deliveries. It will also facilitate by far the management/finance department with the recording of a single invoice.

Fleet Management
Where is my order?

We pride ourselves in sending the goods ordered on time as we work within strict time frames. Our will for the best customer service and the best routing plan, led us to designing a fleet management program, where at any moment we can see on the display of our company?s finance department the position of all our trucks.