Meat Logistics

meatlogisticsOur produce is only selected after passing a large number of criteria. The meat we circulate in the market is undersigned not only by us, but also by the best producers worldwide.

Our choices range from the production site where we are involved in the prescription of the feeding diet of the animals, in cooperation with the producers and academic institutions.

Afterwards we check them in our own waiting areas and pre-butcher sorting, where they are fully checked in terms of quality and hygiene.

The products are offered in wholes, in half and quarters, in various cuttings, packed in vacuum and in a modifying atmosphere.

All products are processed and packaged in such a way as to maintain the flavour, the tenderness, and freshness until the moment of consumption. This is the fruit of many years of experience in the field.

The chain actions until the final shape of products are subjected in terms and conditions of HACCP and ISO.

Finally, as far as the meat we import is concerned, those coming from the EC are from France (charolaise, limousine, blonde d?aquitaine), Italy, Spain and Germany while specific cuts of meat (tenderlonine, rib-eye, entrecote, cube roll, picanha etc) from the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Ireland and Scotland and are mainly of the Black Angus breed.