Sabi Food Service

sabiSabi Foodservice is one of the most reliable foodservice distributors in Greece, and was formed after Chris & George Bikas noticed the growth of the foodservice sector and the increasing demand for a complete and organized distribution network.

We are the commercial intermediary between the producers or transformers of food products and the professionals of the ?hot? (chains of super markets) and the ?cold? (hotels, restaurants, fast-food, institutions, �etc.) market. We also provide attentive customer assistance in planning and marketing of your company.

Sabi Foodservice is a source you can rely on for a wide range of popular and profitable products, a range that boasts around 6.000 food and 4.000 non-food related products.

With us, you have a partner in your business constantly examining ways to improve productivity through delivery of innovative products and services.That?s why the word ?service? is part of our name.

Sabi Foodservice enjoys the flexibility of being a privately held company. As an independent, we are not bogged down by layers of bureaucracy, constraints and external influences, and we are free to react immediately when opportunities appear. Thus, we make purchasing under extremely favorable terms and conditions. We always pass on these price advantages to our customers.

Our success depends on our customer?s success. Our goal is to make your work easier and more profitable.

If you would like to know more about Sabi Foodservice, please contact us today! We?d be happy to answer any questions you may have!