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All beef is not the same

Top beef cuts from all around the world for Premium Meat Lovers. Our beef comes from selected breeds of cattle such as Black Angus & Wagyu and are selected through a strict quality control process with the main criteria being tenderness, juice content, the percentage of intramuscular fat (marbling) and their superior taste. Because, all beef is not the same.

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In an effort to respond to the growing demand for authentic Asian products, we recently added ASIANA to our group, a company with a deep knowledge of Asian culture and a strong connection to the Far East and South East Asian markets.

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Art of Supply!

The idea behind the creation of FOODURISM is based on the need to continuously adapt the food industry to the new consumer standards shaped by the rapid development of technology as well as the great socio-economic changes of our time.

Inspired by Futurism, the most disruptive and noisy artistic movement of the 20th century, we seek to bring about ‘change’ through a ‘break’ with the past, turning food retail into a ‘revolutionary art’ in order to touch the sensitive ‘culinary’ chords of every foodie.

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The alternative

World of Wine!

At Vinalia we make it a priority to work with producers who offer special, sophisticated and refined wines that stand out for their quality, complexity and character.

Faithful to this philosophy, our company is in constant search of new wines that come from elegant, traditional but also alternative varieties and dynamically represent the physiognomy of the wine-growing region from which they come and the special characteristics of their producer.

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A Crusader of

DACRISTO is a modern crusader, a true evangelist of flavors that finally reaches its destination. After years of searching the markets of the world, countless taste tests and getting to know the elite of the food industry, he decided to share his valuable experiences and knowledge with lovers of haute cuisine. The exclusive purpose of each of his trips was to explore and identify the best products and culinary suggestions of each local cuisine so that today he can offer the best selection of authentic products from Greece and the rest of the world.

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Life matters!

On the occasion of the increased needs in the health sector, our main goal is to actively contribute to dealing with the current health crisis and to the strengthening of public health in general, by offering reliable and quality solutions in consumable medical products.

Dedicated to the search for high-quality products, we develop partnerships with internationally recognized companies in order to be able to supply the public and private health units with reliable and durable medical material.

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