Half Shell Oyster French Brittany HPP

Half Shell Oysters



Oyster from French Brittany subjected to the high pressure process (HPP) which helps to open the oyster cleanly, separating the ligament from the shell and eliminating impurities and bacteria. The oyster has not been outside its breeding place for more than 3 hours before applying high pressure and it deep-freezes immediately.

Denomination: Crassostrea Gigas

Source: French Brittany

Capture time: January – April / October – November

Characteristic: Oyster with firm meat and iodized flavour.

Presentation: 4 trays of 12 units (48 units/box).

Thawing Method: Leave in the chamber for 8 hours. Vacuum pack and immerse in warm water for 5 min.

Preserve oyster water in thawing


A chemical-free process, which consists of applying high hydrostatic pressures to the living product, allowing the manually peeling of the raw product. A non-thermal food preservation technique that kills microorganisms that can cause diseases or spoil food. It uses intense pressure for a certain time and has minimal effects on taste, texture, appearance, or nutritional values.