European Lobster Tail & Claws

Lobster in pieces



Raw European lobster “with forearm” tail and claw meat, deep-frozen. The high pressure (HPP) separates the meat from the shell, facilitating its extraction and preserving all its properties. Once the high pressure process is finished, the product is deep-freezed and vacuum packed. All the lobsters are individually selected, reviewing its size, organoleptic characteristics and possible breakage during the manual peeling process. All lobsters caught are alive before the high pressure process.

Denomination: Homarus gammarus

Source: Northeast Atlantic FAO27

Capture time: July – October

Characteristic: Intense red meat and firm texture, with a mild flavor characteristic of lobster with iodized touches.

Size: 140/190g, 190/220

Presentation: Individually vacuum packed.

Boxes of 10 units

Thawing Method:  Leave in the chamber for 8 hours and immerse in warm water with its same container for 5 min.


A chemical-free process, which consists of applying high hydrostatic pressures to the living product, allowing the manually peeling of the raw product. A non-thermal food preservation technique that kills microorganisms that can cause diseases or spoil food. It uses intense pressure for a certain time and has minimal effects on taste, texture, appearance, or nutritional values.