Half Shell Oysters

Half Shell Oyster French Brittany HPP

. . Oyster from French Brittany subjected to the high pressure process (HPP) which helps to open the oyster cleanly, separating the ligament from the shell and eliminating impurities and bacteria. The oyster has not been outside its breeding place for more than 3 hours before applying high pressure and it deep-freezes immediately. Denomination: Crassostrea […]
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Lobster in pieces

European Lobster Tail & Claws

. . Raw European lobster “with forearm” tail and claw meat, deep-frozen. The high pressure (HPP) separates the meat from the shell, facilitating its extraction and preserving all its properties. Once the high pressure process is finished, the product is deep-freezed and vacuum packed. All the lobsters are individually selected, reviewing its size, organoleptic characteristics […]
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Sweet Potatos

Sweet French Fries are the new fashion

Sweet French Fries is the perfect alternative to the traditional French fries but with a sweeter taste and more starch. Its impressive orange color and its special texture and taste will satisfy every child and adult. A healthy and tasty product, Sweet French Fries is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and is rich […]
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Bibigo “Mandu” Dumplings

Enjoy authentic Korean Dumplings with their chewy texture and crunchy filling Mandu perfectly embody the unique Korean food culture with Bibigo adding a modern twist to this traditional delicacy. They are prepared without additives with carefully selected high-quality ingredients that are in balance with each other in order to offer an unforgettable harmonious taste. Bibigo’s […]
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Mortadella that speaks Italian

This is why it is the only one with the characteristic smell, aroma and tenderness found in an Italian Mortadella. An excellent product for everyone, with low fat and gluten-free, and therefore easily digestible and light, without the addition of milk, glutamic acid and genetically modified organisms. Ideal for consumers with food intolerances. An original […]
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Caviar Calvisius

For more than 40 years, the skilled hands of the best Master Salters have been passionately curating first-quality Calvisius caviar, using innovative production methods and hand-crafted processing techniques that enable the market-leading caviar to retain all its organoleptic characteristics, authenticity and its freshness. An impressive productive “ritual” thanks to which Calvisius caviar has emerged as […]
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Ortiz anchovies

The famous Ortiz anchovies are carefully prepared and filleted, one by one. They are caught in the spring fishing season and processed immediately to retain their full flavor and sea breeze. They are then matured in salt barrels for at least a 6 month period. Once they reach the best point of maturity, they are […]
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Pintxo de Huevo Frito

Do you want to feel the taste experience of fried eggs with potatoes in a single bite? If you try the Pintxo de Huevo Frito, the only thing that is certain is that it will surprise you. It consists of a sheet of dehydrated potato and a thin slice of bacon wrapped in a thin […]
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